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Wasps & Yellow Jackets -  Spokane Pest Control

Wasps & Yellow Jackets


Wasps are beneficial insects, although they are generally considered to be pests because of their ability to sting. Wasps can become a problem in mid summer and fall when they may disrupt many outdoor activities.

Wasps have a slender body with a narrow waist, slender, cylindrical legs, and appear smoothed-skinned and shiny. Yellow jackets, baldfaced hornets, and paper wasps are the most common types of wasps encountered by people.


Yellow jackets are social insects that live in colonies containing thousands of individuals. They prefer to locate their nests in the ground, usually in an old rodent burrow or similar hole; but will commonly locates its nest inside the walls of a building by entering through cracks or holes in the outside walls. Yellow jackets will aggressively attack when their nest is disturbed, and can inflict painful stings.


Pest prevention professionals can treat around eaves, attic vents, windows, doors, under-fascia lips, soffits, siding and any other possible nest building sites.

Not only should nests be removed, but treatment with a product is necessary to prevent rebuilding of nests.

Homeowner Tip

During home maintenance, look to caulk openings in attics, window frames and around wall penetrations to keep over-wintering females out of unused rooms and spaces.

Wasps are attracted to food, especially those yummy protein meats during BBQ season, so keep food and drinks covered and keep garbage in tightly sealed cans.

To thin down wasp populations, start trapping the reproductive queen wasps in the early spring and fall. Professional pest control services can set up a baiting program during the summer to make your outdoor activities around your home more enjoyable.