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Termites - Prime Pest Control



In North America, six species of native termites are found.  Sub-terranean termites dwell in the soil and have their main colony be up to 30 feet below the surface.  They forage into homes, feeding on the wood of the structure, causing significant damage to the integrity of the structure, or other wood sources.  There is a true worker caste, with adult workers, soldiers, and reproductives in the colony.  Swarming by the reproductives generally happens in the spring and fall.  


A colony can have thousands of workers and feed on multiple structures from the same colony.  


Eliminate all earth to wood contact in and around  your structure.  Also fix all excess moisture areas that could make a conducive condition for them.  Prime Pest Control can treat around your foundation with a non repellent product that gives you up to 10 years of control.  We offer pre and post construction treatments to protect your home.

Homeowner Tip

Always keep wood, including firewood and landscape cellulose, at least 3 feet away from your structure.  Eliminate all excessive moisture areas and remove all earth to wood contact in your structure.