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Spider Control - Spokane , WA



Spiders are common in homes during warm weather, although they can be found indoors any time. Their numbers usually peak during late summer and fall, during their mating season.

There are some spiders we need to be wary of: brown recluse, black widow hobo and yellow sacks. These are all common in the Inland Northwest. Black widows especially like crawl spaces in homes.


Spider control is usually challenging. Properties located in areas favorable to spiders, such as by rivers, lakes, or fields, are more likely to have large numbers of spiders.

Use an integrated approach using non-chemical methods supplemented with chemical means to reduce spider numbers.


Regular housecleaning is very important in the control of spiders. Large, persistent spider populations indoors indicate the presence of a significant insect population that serves as their food.

Any measure used to prevent entry of organisms indoors through openings in the building structure, doors, windows, is called exclusion. Some techniques to prevent spiders include screening openings and caulking cracks and crevices and sealing or repairing exterior openings to prevent entry.

Homeowner Tip

Remove papers, boxes, bags, and other clutter to minimize favorable sites for spiders.

Remove webbing with a broom or vacuum, and destroy any egg sacs and spiders that are found.

Bushes, trees or shrubs bordering the property should be kept trimmed back and any cracks or holes around any points of access windows, doors, basements should be filled or repaired.

Replace outside lights with bug lights or turn off your outside lights at nights as lights attract insects. Spiders naturally follow insects, looking for their next meal.