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Gophers - Prime Pest Control



Pocket gophers are so named for the puffy cheeks that they have.  They use them for carrying food.  They are similar in size to a small rat.  They have large feet with claws and a small tail.  Their heads are also large in comparison to their body.  They push mounds of dirt up to the surface of the ground they are invading.  Gophers actively feed on plant roots and tubers all year round.  They can do significant damage to trees and other plants.


Pocket Gophers have 5 to 6 young in a litter per year.  When the young are ready to go out on their own, they expand the runs and push them further out; maybe into your yard.  


Pocket gophers make runs underneath the ground that they travel and live in.  They make a shoot up to the surface to push out the excess dirt.  To get rid of them we recommend a professional treatment that we place inside of the active underground runs.    

Homeowner Tip

Have the active runs treated early, when you first see fresh mounds appearing on the ground.  This will help eliminate the gophers before they make your lawn and landscape their new home, feeding on and destroying the lawn, trees and other plants.