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Fleas are tiny wingless parasitic insects with relatively flat bodies.  They have long hind legs for jumping.  The Cat Flea is the most common flea that you find on pets and in homes. They feed on pets and often bite people.  Fleas are vectors that may spread disease. 


The adult flea lays eggs that generally falls to the floor until they hatch into a larva that feeds until it enters the pupal stage.  Fleas pupate to adult when there is stimulation.  That is why it is important to vacuum often after a flea treatment to get all of the fleas to pupate to achieve control.  Always throw the vacuum bag away outside or seal it up to help prevent reinfestation.  If you have a bagless vacuum put part of a flea collar inside.  Sometimes people think they can lock the door and leave a flea infested home and time will kill the fleas.  They will discover to their dismay that fleas can stay in the pupal stage up to a year, and begin to pupate when there is movement again in the house.


It is important to keep fleas off of the pets with products available from the veterinarian.  If fleas on the pets lay eggs that get established on the interior of a house, a professional treatment is recommended.  For best results always vacuum the carpet before and after the application to stimulate the fleas to pupate and come in contact with the treatment and the growth regulator.  

Homeowner Tip

If you think you may have fleas try the following test:  Place a white plate on the floor and fill it with a little water with dish soap mixed in.  Shine a light down on the plate from about 1-2 ft.  As the fleas jump toward the light they will fall into the soapy water on the plate.  If you have fleas you may see them in the water.