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Birds - Prime Pest Control



Bird management can be a real challenge, as each occurrence requires a unique and thoughtful approach. Most common bird problems in the Inland Northwest are Pigeon and English Sparrow.


Birds cause health, safety and property damage problems. Their perching and nesting can lead to mite infestation into your home.

There are over 60 known diseases - bacterial, fungal and viral that can be transmitted by birds.

Defacing of structures not only causes annoyance but uric acids can weaken structures by corrosion and nesting debris clogs gutters, dryer vents and roof ventilation which results in moisture leaks and fire hazards.


There are many nonlethal, humane methods of excluding and repelling nuisance pest birds. A professional bird pest control program involves a thorough evaluation of the site and development of the right solution, which is then properly implemented by specifically trained service professionals.

Homeowner Tip

Clean up of bird droppings shouldn't be taken lightly. Bird droppings are considered an environmental hazard by the EPA and should be handled with great care.

Exclusion is also key to maintaining a bird-free home. On a seasonal basis, look around the exterior of your home for openings and prime nesting locations and clean and shore up these areas.