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Bed Bug Elimination In Spokane, WA

Bed Bugs


Bed bugs are parasites that feed on the blood of people and certain animals, and they require these blood meals to grow and reproduce. They live close to areas where people typically sleep, rest, or sit for long periods. Hungry bugs will move out from their hiding places, in search of a blood meal. Once an appropriate host is found, they feed for 2 to 5 minutes until full, and then move quickly away from the person. Feeding generally happens between 1 and 3 a.m.


Regular travelers can, without knowing it, bring back these unwanted pests on their clothes and in suitcases and bags. Beds are no longer the only place you can find Bed Bugs as they have been found in such places as cab, airplane and movie theater seats, etc.

Bed Bugs will feed while you are sleeping, leaving itchy red welts that are the consequence of the pests beak piercing the exposed skin, especially around the face, neck and arms.


It takes a trained and practiced eye to hunt these pests down. If bed bugs are found in one room, it is not a simple case of checking that room but any adjacent rooms and those above and below as Bed Bugs can use cracks and crevices in walls, floors and ceilings to move about. The treatment for Bed Bugs is very extensive and using a professional is highly suggested due to the Bed Bug's elusive nature and ability to hitch a ride on unknowing hosts.  Prime Pest Control has a complete structure heat treatment that can eliminate all stages of bedbugs from your home on day!  We can get rid of all the bed bugs from your home with our "Heat Treatment".

Homeowner Tip

Certain things like making sure all mattresses, linens and rooms are kept clean and checked for tell-tale signs will help reduce the likelihood of Bed Bugs. Telltale signs of Bed Bugs include bloodstains on sheets, black spots on mattress seams and bites in a line pattern on your skin.  If you think you may have bedbugs we offer our Bedbug sniffing K9 dog "Allie" to help detect an infestation.